A Guide to Buying a Personalized Basketball Bobblehead


A personalized basketball bobblehead can be a great souvenir to keep for yourself or gift to a friend that’s also a lover of the game. You’re asking for a custom sports statuette, and thus, you expect the sculptor not to include the smallest of details in order to convey your ardor specifically as instructed in the provided settings as well as image.


Here are the steps for ordering a basketball bobblehead that’s 100% personalized to your tastes:


Figure Out the Model


In order to make a figurine that exudes depth in relevance, you begin by finding a great model that best defines your spirits. Do you know someone that means anything to you, and on the basis of whom you want to create your personalized bobble heads? In case you’re buying the figurine to pass it on as a gift to someone, it makes sense that you figure out their preferences to make the souvenir more meaningful to them.


Find a Photo


Once you’ve made up your mind about a preferred figurine appearance, go ahead and source an image that reflects it. Because the most distinguishing characteristic of the individual for whom you’re making the doll is the face, it helps to capture a great front view in the image. Because you want the sculptor to capture every small detail and produce a figurine that looks exactly as the image, be sure this image is of a great resolution. You can also learn more tips on where to find the best personalized bobbleheads by checking out the post at http://edition.cnn.com/videos/us/2016/07/06/nodding-hillary-moos-pkg.cnn.


Consider all Design Options


Once you browse to the creator’s site, you’ll be offered a form to enter any special design preferences not so obvious in the image you submitted.  Don’t just gloss over the settings as they have a bearing on how customized the final result will be.


As you go through design options for personalization, there will be plenty of options, for instance (hair color (brown, dark, blonder, etc), color of eyes (brown, gray, green, etc), facial appearance, wear, and posture. Additionally, specify the size of your small sculpture in terms of inches. What’s your preferred color of the base, and do you need to add text on or under the base? Are there tattoos, graphics, or t-shirt text?


Send Your Set Up Specifications


Send the personalized specifications for your basketball doll to the maker through their website when you’re done with the selection. Typically, handcrafting the dolls takes some processes, and there might be some back and forth between you and the sculptor before you can approve the final product. But, be sure to determine if you can alter some design specifications after submitting the original settings.


There are many options for designing your custom bobble heads. You may refer to the above guidelines and successfully order your customized figurine now.


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